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A Robust Multilayered Security and Compliance Solution

SecureWorkplace® provides a unique multi-layered approach to security with proven technologies, proactive monitoring and reporting, including results orientated training, which can help reduce the likelihood of a cybercrime.

SecureWorkplace® Features:

Comprehensive Protection

Everyday, on average, 82,000 new viruses are released, not caring about the size of your company. A multi-layered approach is the best way to protect your company from the onslaught of cyber-attacks and defend your data.

Proactive Monitoring

Often a breach can occur without knowing it has happened, making it critical to monitor and prevent suspicious activities. Our cybersecurity team is ready to react and intercept suspicious actions and will provide you peace of mind reducing the likelihood of a cybercrime.

Employee Awareness

Employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated attacks nearly everyday and now more than ever, can be the weakest link in network security. Ongoing security awareness, simulated phishing attacks and social engineering are an essential part of our industry leading cybersecurity program.

CyFIR LLC Is Here:

True North Networks is currently the first and only Managed Service Provider offering this product and because of the tight integration weCyFIR LLC logo have built into our remote monitoring tool, we feel we have significantly increased detection and speed to resolution for our clients. The CyFIR LLC platform is much more than a zero-day exploit or malicious process identifier, it can do deep forensic grade investigations should they be needed to mitigate and preserve evidence in the event of a breach.

We value your commitment to our SecureWorkplace service and we know you take the security of your network, endpoints, and employees very seriously. We will continue adding products and services that provide the highest level of security protection.

SecureWorkplace® Services

SonicWALL firewall including the following layers of security (24x7 monitoring)

  • Advanced security features to protect against intrusions and limit specific protocols
  • Malware and Gateway Antivirus Protection enabled as a first layer of network defense
  • Content filtering enabled denying access to suspicious websites
  • Weekly security and web browsing reports provided and reviewed by TNN Security Team
  • Secure Remote Access

Reporting & monitoring software installed on all workstations, laptops & servers

  • Provides hardware and software inventory and tracks changes for signs of potential issues
  • Security and OS patches/updates reviewed, approved and automatically scheduled
  • Critical services and event logs monitored and resolved

Centrally Managed Anti-Virus Solution

  • BitDefender anti-virus solution installed on each workstation and server
  • Updated and regularly scheduled scanning
  • Real-time protection and alerts sent to TNN Security Team 
  • Cleanup and remediation as needed

Web Traffic Protected by OpenDNS

  • Internet traffic filtering verifying websites and denying access to suspicious sites
  • Provides multiple layers of security protection
  • Installed on all workstations to track internet activity and protect mobile computers
  • Daily summary report reviewed by TNN Security Team 

Network & Security Assessment 

  • Initial network and security assessment to establish current conditions
  • Monthly external and internal vulnerability scans to test firewall security and track any network changes from the baseline assessment
  • Inventory list of all hardware and software with tracked changes
  • Continuous monitoring of Active Directory for new or elevated user accounts (as applicable)
  • Additional scans/reviews as requested or needed based on significant changes to the environment or heightened security threats

Monthly Summary Report

  • A summary health report is sent monthly outlining the overall health and security of your network

Backup Strategy

  • Review and consultation
  • Backup monitoring, reporting and remediation services

Policy Review & Recommendations

  • Information security, social networking, and internet use policies
  • Hardware and/or data destruction policy
  • Employee internet awareness and security training
  • Review security best practices policy, such as password complexity, password expiration, data encryption, etc.

Employee Awareness Training

  • Simulated phishing tests
  • Online video courses
  • Reports and completion metrics for enrolled users

This service can be a stand alone offering, or added to our managed services programs. It can also be implemented with your current on-site IT department.

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