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RemoteWorkplace® - Secure Remote Access

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No more headaches!

RemoteWorkplace provides the ability to access your office network simply and securely right from the Internet. By using a Gateway Service Provider (GSP) approach, there’s no software to install and no data to import or export. Regardless whether you’re sitting in an airport or working from home, just open your web browser, log in, and you’ll think you’re at the office.

Since RemoteWorkplace allows secure access from any PC with a Web browser, there is…

  • No client software to install.  
  • No configuration on the Remote PC.  
  • No more support phone calls.  
  • No more headaches!

How RemoteWorkplace Works

RemoteWorkplace uses the very same technology used by online banks and large online retailers like

That means it offers the highest level of security. But providing world-class security doesn’t mean having to deal with a complex setup. The concept of RemoteWorkplace is simple. It creates a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection from any PC to your company network. All that the remote PC needs is Internet access and a Web browser. The secure VPN is established automatically when the browser connects to Remote Workplace. That’s all there is to it.  

Additional Level of Authentication

To achieve the highest security level possible, you need to use what is called two-factor authentication.

Introducing the RemoteWorkplace® Security Key, an optional Vasco Two-factor Authentication token available to RemoteWorkplace subscribers.

With RemoteWorkplace® we already protect your systems with one of the highest levels of online security available. Now, add an extra layer of security when you log in with the RemoteWorkplace®  Security Key. It’s easy, secure, and portable – so you can access all your regular services from just about anywhere.

What is it?
It’s a device that generates a temporary 6-digit security code every 30 seconds. Use it every time you log in for added security. Once activated in order to login to RemoteWorkplace and access your office remotely, every user must know something (username, password, and company ID), and have something (RemoteWorkplace® Security Key).  So in the event that your username or password are compromised, a potential hacker has to physically have your security key in order to login to RemoteWorkplace.  Without the 10-digit code (4 digit company code + 6 digit security code) in conjunction with your username and password the would-be-hacker cannot login.

For more information on RemoteWorkplace® or a RemoteWorkplace® Security Key contact us today!