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True North Networks is Proud Sponsor of StartSmart: Birth Gifts with a Purpose

True North Networks is a proud supporter of #StartSmart, as part of Impact Monadnock. Monadnock United Way


If you or your company are going to give a gift, you might as well make it a fun, brain-developing gift. The most important thing anyone can do for children (and communities can do for the future!) is invest in brain development at an early age. This gift shows that you care about the parent, the child and your community.

The following organizations have pledged to ensure more books for local kids through the purchase of StartSmart birth gifts:
• C&S Wholesale Grocers
• Cedarcrest Center for Children with Disabilities
• Clark-Mortenson Insurance
• Communicators Group
• Electronic Imaging Materials
• Filtrine Manufacturing Company
• IPG Employee Benefits
• Isis Latham, RVP, Primerica
• Keene Housing
• Monadnock Food Co-op
• Monadnock United Way
• Savings Bank of Walpole
• True North Networks

If your organization would like to join us and be added to this list, please contact

StartSmart: Birth Gifts with a Purpose is supported by the Impact Monadnock Business Ambassadors, with additional support from generous sponsors.


For more information or to learn how to get your business involved, visit their website here:

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