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So Your Company Wants to Adopt VoIP...... Is Your Network Ready to Make the Transition?

As it turns out, there are many potential benefits to switching to a VoIP telephone system. Below are some of the ways that making this change can decrease cost and time investments while increasing VOIP phoneproductivity for your business:

Low Cost Per Call:

A VoIP telephone system utilizes Internet Protocol to make calls. Instead of using telephone lines, all communication data is turned into packets and sent over the IP network. The IP network your business uses could be your Internet connection, a direct IP connection to your telephone service provider or a combination of both. 

Service Mobility:

On a traditional phone system, a line that runs to a home or business is assigned its own phone number. Any movement that takes place then becomes a trial of remembering the right codes or keys to dial on your phone. A lot of time can then be wasted by contacting phone companies to transfer services and phone numbers to new locations.

With a VoIP phone system, there are no physical limitations and you have the freedom to move as your business demands.

Versatility of Features:

Using VoIP phone systems allows you to multi-task with the most tech-savvy devices, allowing you to be the most productive you can be. Features such as voicemail to text and being able to forward messages and voicemail easily, and many more are available with VoIP phone systems. Because the VoIP service always goes with you, the features you find helpful can be added or subtracted with ease, allowing the system to grow with your business.

Simple Conference Calls:

Since all VoIP calls use a converged data network instead of dedicated phone lines, creating and participating in conference calls are made much easier.

Efficient Client Interaction:

In today’s global economy, businesses can be located anywhere which can mean frequent travel. This often means that meetings require travel. With a VoIP service, there is no reason to lose the ability to conduct important calls or to fail to forward essential documents.

Reliable in a Pinch:

A common worry that surfaces about VoIP is the fact that if the internet stops working, so does the ability to make calls. However, this doesn’t have to happen and like other features in VoIP phone systems, is incredibly flexible. The capability to choose where your calls are forwarded, and how, means that you also don’t have to lose productivity because of local power outages or weather-related events. If the office phone can’t be answered, your mobile device or laptop can.


Making the Right Decision for Your Business:

Understandably, any recommendation that requires wholesale shifts in how companies conduct business sounds too risky. Considering a move to a VoIP phone system can be confusing with all of the services and features that are available. It’s always best to have a knowledgeable, reliable VoIP partner at hand to assist you with major business decisions like this one. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your phone needs.

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