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Scam Of The Week: "The Boss Needs iTunes Gift Cards for Customers...NOW"

If you ever wondered if those iTunes gift card phishes really work, see the below email exchange.maxresdefault Yep, that overzealous employee actually drove around town from store to store picking up iTunes gift cards for the bad guys because there was a limit on the number of cards that could be bought at any one store at one time. All told, poor Emily bought TWENTY $100.00 iTunes gift cards for these criminals. Still worse, she put them ON HER OWN PERSONAL CREDIT CARD! Wonder if her company will reimburse her? Kinda feel sorry for her. Sometimes it helps to get security awareness training from your organization. Emily was not trained. Don't be Emily. :-) Here is the email exchange in chronological order. Note the time stamps are the originals and from different time zones. Names are changed to protect the innocent. John Carpenter is the C-level executive of "distracted . com" and was spoofed by the bad guys. We even have pictures of the gift cards. Blow-by-blow at the blog:


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