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Nearly Every Organization is More Concerned about Cybersecurity Than Before COVID-19


New data from security vendor Tripwire highlights how the shift to remote working has changed the face of cybersecurity for both the current work climate and the future.

Tripwire’s Remote Work and COVID-19 Cybersecurity Impact Report tells us everything we already suspected about the organization’s ability to secure itself when everyone’s working from home.

According to the report:

  • 94% of orgs are more concerned about cybersecurity now than before COVID-19
  • 89% find it more difficult to ensure the security of the organization
  • 83% are concerned about the security of collaboration tools
  • 65% believe their current security stance is worse because of COVID-19

One factor that stands out is the individual employee and how this shift to working remotely has impacted the organization’s ability to secure them. According to the report:

  • 49% can’t effectively secure employee’s home environments
  • 48% feel their employees are more susceptible to phishing, social engineering, and other security attacks when they work from home

The good news is 41% of organizations are investing in Security Awareness Training to help offset this gap in security. By educating remote users on current phishing and social engineering methods, employees can strengthen the organization’s security at the new home “perimeter”.



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