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Let's Talk About Cyberbullying

Last week, the FTC joined several other agencies and the First Lady for an important conversation about cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is a tough subject for both parents and educators. That’s why most of our materials are built around having conversations, in small doses, and in your own language.Cyber bullying 01

Here are some easy ways to start these conversations:

  • Watch this video with your kids and then talk about it. Ask if they have ever seen cyberbullying happen – and talk about what to do to prevent cyberbullying.
  • Talk with them about how to intervene when they see someone else getting bullied.
  • Ask your kids what sites or apps they use – and check out the comments on them. Cyberbullying often involves mean-spirited comments. Periodically check back on these sites and apps to look for signs of cyberbullying.

Looking for more resources? Check out, a site from the Department of Health and Human Services that offers detailed information on how to confront cyberbullying.


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