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Your Biggest Cybersecurity Weakness is Your Phone

Mobile devices are one of the weakest links in corporate security, and now more than ever, companies are doing their part to protect their data, secure networks, and train their employees to take security seriously. However, the potential for mobile attacks continues to expand and recent research shows that half of all digital time is spent on smartphone apps and 68% percent of time is being spent on a mobile device. If mobile security isn’t a problem for your company yet, it will be.

Securing mobile devices is tricky and involves a heavy dose of individual responsibility. Be sure to follow the below recommendations:

  • Educate employees and upper management to make sure upper management know how dire security breaches can become.
    • Employees that travel frequently can also become easy targets without security education.
  • Encrypt corporate data using the security software your company provides.
  • Connect your smartphone to company networks via VPN connections.
  • Set a lock and PIN on your phone.
  • Use two-factor authentication whenever possible.
  • Turn on your phone’s auto-lock.
  • Use container technologies such Samsung’s Knox, which adds a layer of security to work items and segments them away from personal items.
  • Back up information to the cloud and try to store as little as possible on your device.
  • Ignore spam email and downloads that don’t come from an approved application marketplace (Apple’s App Store, Google Play, etc).
  • Keep devices close to you and within sight at all times.
  • If device is lost or stolen, notify your employer right away for remote wiping procedures.
  • Avoid unsecure Wi-Fi connections.
  • Keep Bluetooth out of discovery mode when not in use.

Mobile security is likely to become the next frontier for corporate security executives as exploits and hacks become more creative. Making mobile security a regular part of your company’s security policy and procedure framework will be critical.


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