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Staying Secure On The Road

While your network at home or at work may be secure, you should assume that any network you connect to while traveling cannot be trusted. Below are some simple tips that will go a long way protecting you and your data before you travel:

1. Identify which data you don’t need on any devices you are bringing with you and then remove it. This can significantly reduce the impact if your device is stolen, lost, etc.
travel safe2. Lock your mobile devices with a strong password or passcode to avoid anyone getting access to your information.
3. Install or enable software on your device so you can remotely track your location and even wipe it if it has been lost or stolen.
4. Update your devices, applications, and anti-virus software before leaving so that you are running the latest versions. Many cyber-attacks focus on systems with outdated software.
5. Do a complete backup of your devices prior to traveling. This way, if something does happen to them while traveling, you still have all of your original data in a secured location.
6. For international travel, check with your mobile service provider prior to leaving. Service providers often charge high rates for international data usage and you may wish to disable your cellular data capabilities while you’re away or purchase a local SIM card to allow for international travel.
7. Always ensure the physical safety of your devices while traveling by avoiding leaving them in plain sight such as in rental cars, taxis, etc for potential criminals to break in and grab your valuables.
8. Avoid using public wifi, especially in hotels, local coffee shops, or airports, as you never know who set them up or is accessing them. If you do use the wifi, ensure all of your online activity is encrypted or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which can encrypt all of your online activity when enabled.
9. Avoid using public computers, such as those found in hotel lobbies or cyber cafes to login to any accounts or to access sensitive information. Whenever possible, only use devices you can control and trust.
10. Knowledge is power! Share your knowledge of keeping your devices safe while on the road with friends, family and co-workers.

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