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What Our Clients Say

Superb service

"I’m very glad to have signed on with True North Networks.  The service has been superb.  In fact, I was just completing a survey about technology in financial services, and gave True North a “10” out of 10." - Susan Moore, 

Moore Financial Advisors, Ltd.


Susan Moore
Moore Financial Advisors, Ltd.

Your team is exceptional


I just want to tell you how happy we are with everything True North.  Your team is so exceptional.  Everyone we work with is so pleasant, nice, helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable.  In office now, instead being frustrated with our computers, we talk about how this facet of business is now in excellent hands.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Laurie Laner, Financial Designs

Laurie Laner
Financial Designs

Growing our Business!

"Silver Forest and True North Networks continue to be a great match. Your staff is very courteous, attentive and shares knowledge. We are looking forward to 2018 and continuing to grow our businesses!" John Wagner, Silver Forest

John Wagner
Silver Forest

World class IT firm!

"I am so impressed with how your firm handles our needs.   There have been at least three occasions that I am aware of recently that required our True North technician to reach out to Raymond James or Redtail, and they did it without any hesitation.  It is truly remarkable how different you are from others and how you stand out as a world class IT firm.  I am thrilled and honored when we have the opportunity to speak with others about how well you take care of us!" 

Kristie Clayton
BCR Wealth Strategies, LLC


"We were delighted to meet Steve and are so happy with our decision to have TNN join the BCR family!"

Kristie Clayton
Berk Cleveland Rathmell Wealth Strategies, LLC

Best service

"Their service has been the best of any team we've encountered or worked with."

Thomas Mullooly
Mullooly Asset Management
Wall Township

Our favorite vendor!

"TNN is our favorite vendor! We LOVE sharing your name with anyone who needs IT assistance. Love love love sharing the TNN word."

Tiffany Ballard
Bergland Wealth Management

Focusing on what I do best

"Partnering with True North Networks allows me to focus on what I do best - being a financial planner and provides me the peace of mind in knowing that my data and systems are safe and secure." 



Jeffrey N. Bogue, CFP
Bogue Asset Management LLC

It's a risky cybersecurity world

“SecureWorkplace has given us additional peace of mind in a risky cybersecurity world, and the ongoing training of our staff has been invaluable in keeping us all up to date and aware of current threats.”

Ellen Lowery
Trust Company of Vermon

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility

“Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and we all need to do our part. The more systems we secure and the more we inform and train our employees, the more
secure we all are. SecureWorkplace and TNN’s cybersecurity engineers are always ready to react, fix issues and give us peace of mind knowing we are doing our part to reduce cybercrime.”

Jean Keener
Keener Financial Planning

We are so lucky to have True North as a resource

We are so lucky to have True North as a resource. The customer service is phenomenal, our systems are smooth and flawless and Steve is beyond generous with his donations and in kind contributions!

Kathy Harrington
The Monadnock United Way

We feel very fortunate to have found True North nearby

We feel very fortunate to have found True North nearby. Over the twelve years of our collaboration, they have been consistently accessible. They are highly sensitive to our security issues and, of late, they have allowed us to efficiently maneuver through "the cloud" well beyond our expectations.
We are safe and we are efficient thanks to them.

Jack Davidson
Trust Company of Vermont

I always enjoy working with you.

Thanks for coming to the table with an idea/solution! Just wanted to let you know that I always enjoy working with you. If you ever need a recommendation or reference I would be happy to give one.

James Folkerts
Total Rebalance Expert (TRX)

I highly recommend True North Networks.

We have a small in-house IT department serving our 5 locations and utilize True North Networks for audits, special projects, and consulting.  We have found True North Networks to be responsive and dependable, and they have interfaced well with our own IT personnel.  They take the time to understand our needs and recommend an appropriate solution that meets our technical needs, schedule, and budget.  I highly recommend True North Networks.

Dave Therrien
The Melanson Company